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comm-gardens-013What influences the Melbourne community’s ability to garden for self sufficiency in a sustainable manner?

Growing environmental awareness in the community has led more people to make the connection to growing their own food, however, drought is having a strong impact. Self sufficiency and food gardeners across Melbourne need support in keeping their productive gardens producing in a drying and changing climate.

Community food security is neccessary. Growing the food where we are living reduces embodied carbon emissions (food miles) and water in food production. A redefinition of edible gardens as waterwise and carbon friendly is needed. With climate change, heirloom seed preservation becomes more urgent….

To see the summary of the research findings go to this link https://growingourown.wordpress.com/2008/11/23/narrative-of-research/

The Report & educational weblinks are on the right. New posts continue to explore the topic. To contact the report and blog  author, email danielchristophermoss@gmail.com


Kevin Heinze Garden Centre- disability ngo’s plant sales

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Kevin Heinze Garden Centre –
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At the Kevin Heinze Garden Centre, we have just had our spring plant fair. It was a great success. Participants with special needs at the centre have been growing so many healthy plants this year that we still have lots of quality plants left over for sale!

We have a great range, including herbs, edible plants, perennial groundcovers, shrubs and trees, natives, drought tolerant species, succulents, grasses, rushes, flowers, hanging baskets and more. More of our own grown vegies and herb seedlings for spring are growing to a take home size and becoming more readily available over the next few weeks also. Our prices are remarkably cheap. All plant sales aid in improving services at the centre for people with disabilities and special needs.

The centre is open between 8.30 to 4pm Monday to Friday only.

Kevin Heinze Garden Centre
39 Wetherby Road, Doncaster (VIC) (between  doncaster road & the eastern freeway, off the middleborough road exit, Melway Reference 47 H2) ph. 9848 3695
enquires at



Permaculture Melbourne – Find your local group

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perm-melbAccording to Permaculture Melbourne:

“Local groups are the lifeblood of how Permaculture Melbourne carries out it’s activities and provides services to the members. Without your local group in becomes hard to be involved beyond reading your bi-monthly slice of PIE

Local groups are all different, reflecting the difference between locations and peoples. Some hold interesting and challenging monthly meetings. Others get together less frequently, but for larger events. One has even established a very successful farmers market. Often they appear at events such as Petty’s Orchard’s fair, Ceres Kingfisher festival or the Rare Breeds Trust.”

to find your closest groups go to this link

Its raining, its pouring

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Hooray, it has been raining strong at my place for half an hour. (its now just after 9pm). Let’s hope it hits the bushfires that have been raging for three weeks in nearby bush communities…..the winds are still very wild with the cool change…

Sustainable Living & Gardening @ Port Phillip EcoCentre

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Port Phillip EcoCentre, located at the St. Kilda Botanical Gardens has a great functional edible garden surrounding it, replete with a great composting set-up.

The centre is a hub for local environmental action and education, and also shares lunch with locals and those who wish to turn up and visit. The centre also has an eco-house, built  to show people an example of  a sustainable home.

This is a link to the food garden page on their website:


the compost boxes @ Port Phillip Eco-Centre, St. Kilda

the compost boxes @ Port Phillip Eco-Centre, St. Kilda

Riding Bikes, Picking Fruit – Fruit Peddlars Project links another Community Food Security possibility

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Again from the Sustainable Melbourne website

{ http://www.sustainablemelbourne.com/ }

a presentation on the Fruit Peddlars Project, an idea pleasantly described as people riding bikes in Moreland picking fruit from trees in people’s yards and along the street, and sharing the fruit with the community by distributing it to local neighbourhood houses. Michael Chew conducted a feasibility research project into this great local concept on behalf of Environment Victoria.


To download the whole report on the Fruit Peddlars


Art by Zenzo Siemendo - lady fruit seller on a bike

Art by Zenzo Siemendo - lady fruit seller on a bike

Plants for a Future- Great Edible and Medicinal Herb Resource

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A useful website for useful plants in our lives….


When will the rains come again?

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It has barely rained all year. We got a little rain last night, but not enough for an impact on the garden. After a cooler and slightly wetter Spring, the rain has vanished over Melbourne in 2009….