Happy New Life Recipe Book from Cultivating Community & a Richmond Garden

From Cultivating Community comes a recipe book free to download from their website. It features recipes from the gardeners at Happy New Life Community Garden in Richmond. Find it @ this link


During my research project, the garden had an open day as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and also a public forum on food security issues in Melbourne, which included speakers from Slow Food Melbourne and Permablitz, and Vietnamese garden participants.

for photos of the garden check these photos taken during the open day of the various garden beds.



Foreword etc. from recipe book

The creation of this book was a bit like the “Happy New Life Garden” itself; a little bit haphazard, idosyncratic and characterful. Over a period of weeks the gardeners brought dishes they had cooked to the garden for everyone to share. When they were happy with the dish, the recipe was jotted down on any piece of paper at hand and later sent to translators. What you read in the book are the gardeners words, in their native language and translated English. Some modifications to recipes were made during a wonderful communal cooking day in the community kitchen on the North Richmond Housing Estate. The cooks stressed that it is not their way to use exact measurements and they encourage swapping ingredients according to what is in season in the garden.
The gardeners decided that the name “Happy New Life Garden”, rather than the functional ‘Lennox St Community Garden’, expressed their experience gardening together in this small, productive patch of soil in the heart of North Richmond. Enjoy! Sophie Moncrieff

Cultivating Community engages people in activities relating to plants and food that share skills and knowledge, improve their health and wellbeing and increase their sense of community and connectedness with those around them. This happens over a number of projects including Community Garden consultation, construction and support, Community Fruit and Vegetable Markets, Edible Classrooms in schools and educational courses. If you would like to know more about us or volunteer please visit our website



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