Water Crisis Continues in South East: Annual Australian Climate Statement 2009

The metropolitan area of Melbourne again suffered ‘serious deficiencies’ in rainfall in 2008. It also recorded very much above average to above average temperatures


2008 rainfall compared against historical temperature records.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, “Based on preliminary data, the overall Australian mean rainfall total for 2008 was 466 mm, close to the long-term average of 472 mm. The La Niña conditions that developed during 2007 resulted in a wet start to 2008 across the Top End and most of eastern Australia. However, the event weakened during autumn and much-anticipated autumn rains generally failed. It was the second driest autumn on record across southern Australia. Winter rains were mixed, while spring opened with well-below average September-October rains across most of the southeast.

Rainfall during 2008 was insufficient to break the long dry spell in the southeast (including Tasmania). Across much of Victoria and adjacent areas of South Australia and New South Wales rainfall has been below average for most of the past 12 years.”

more of the Annual Australian Climate Statement 2008 can be found @


According to the Age, dam storages remain low….

Water Wisdom hits a wall


but on the other hand…

Melburnians praised for saving water


Those promoting desalination plants and water diverting pipelines in the Age articles ignore large opportunities in urban stormwater harvesting.

Mandatory roll outs of water tanks for all buildings is not as extreme as desalination plants, a large contributor to coastal ecosystem destruction and carbon emissions.

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