The heat is on

Hope everyone is coping with the heatwave, but suspect that many are not. A record breaking three days of 43 degree plus temperatures in Melbourne peaked at 45.1 degrees on Friday afternoon.

Adelaide and towns across South Australia and Victoria have suffered even higher temperatures. Thirty deaths in South Australia and six deaths in Victoria have been directly contributed to the heat, though substantially more are suspected.

There have been 20 deaths in Adelaide today due to the heat. Power shortages have also been blamed.

People in the streets are walking around clearly heat stressed and exhausted, with hot nights failing to bring relief. In spite of ACTU guidelines that outdoor workers should not not work over 36 degrees, many workers were forced to work on in searing heat. Wildlife is literally falling out of the trees, with possums and birds taken to wildlife refuges in record numbers.

Bushfires in the Latrobe Valley have seen many people homeless.  Melbourne also saw blazes in its suburbs, including Rowville and Endeavor Hills, where blazes broke out near power supplies. I also witnessed a fire @ Blackburn lake as we drove down to the south east coast of Melbourne for some relief, though i can’t find reports about it.

I have been checking ABC and The Age for updates on the heatwave

Temperatures are dropping back to about 30 degrees this week, and that 10 degrees reduction will be appreciated by all.


~ by growingourown on February 1, 2009.

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