Less Water, More Fire – Our Climate Change Emergency

Glenn Talaue)

(From ABC website, User submitted: Glenn Talaue)

Here is a summary of some interconnected environmental issues that have appeared recently at the ABC. I will continue to explore the BAD NEWS,that due to climate change, loss of mountain ash forest cover and bushfire impacts on water reservoirs, and the nearing return of the El Nino weather cycle, THE EMERGENCY OF OUR DWINDLING WATER SUPPLIES IN MELBOURNE ARE PREDICTED TO GET WORSE.

The government is beginning to use the bushfires impact on water catchments and climate change as a need for the desalination plant. I will also explore the massive climate changing carbon emissions the desalination plant will give us, as well as the large environmental degradation of the surrounding area. Simplistic answers will only be accepted through ignorance. Meanwhile the bushfire raged over much of the north-south water pipeline area, also contentious, especially in the bushfire ravaged communities and catchments which the pipeline takes water from.

ABC – Water supply moved amid bushfire threat

Billions of litres of drinking water is being moved out of Victorian reservoirs with catchments which are fire damaged. Ninety per cent of the O’Shannassy catchment and 40 per cent of the Maroondah catchment have been burned.

More @ http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/02/17/2493439.htm

ABC- Fire crews work to protect water catchments

Fire crews in Victoria are working to try to stop bushfires doing more damage to Melbourne’s water catchments. The Kilmore East-Murrindindi North fire is one of six blazes still burning across the state.


ABC – Victoria ‘could face worse bushfire threat next summer’

An expert in climate modelling says next summer could see even higher fire dangers for Victoria due to extreme temperatures. It has been predicted that an El Nino climate event could hit Australia this year, causing higher than usual temperatures across the country.

More @ http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/02/16/2492070.htm

ABC – ‘At risk’ firies want urgent global warming action

Australia is at risk of more tragedies such as the Victorian bushfires if the Federal Government does not reassess its approach to global warming, says the peak firefighters union.

More @ http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/02/12/2489847.htm

ABC – Global warning worse than predicted, top scientist says

One of the world’s leading experts on climate change says a Nobel Prize-winning panel of scientists seriously underestimated the reality of global warming when it published its report just over a year ago.



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