Permaculture Melbourne – Find your local group

perm-melbAccording to Permaculture Melbourne:

“Local groups are the lifeblood of how Permaculture Melbourne carries out it’s activities and provides services to the members. Without your local group in becomes hard to be involved beyond reading your bi-monthly slice of PIE

Local groups are all different, reflecting the difference between locations and peoples. Some hold interesting and challenging monthly meetings. Others get together less frequently, but for larger events. One has even established a very successful farmers market. Often they appear at events such as Petty’s Orchard’s fair, Ceres Kingfisher festival or the Rare Breeds Trust.”

to find your closest groups go to this link

~ by growingourown on March 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Permaculture Melbourne – Find your local group”

  1. nice blog. keep in up. visit me if you like to exchange the blogroll links

    from Danuka

  2. ello PERMACULTURISTS , my name is Fabiola.I am brazilian but I live in USA for about 8 years. About 6 months ago I started a new project in Africa with a NGO non-profit that has as objective educate the communities and teach them how to self sustain themselves in different ways. As you know a big part of the African population live in their own farms. Because of the droughts and lack of education they are in extreme poverty and dying form starvation and others. They have the land, they just don’t have education and resources to sustain their families. They are amazing and bright people but so poor and vulnerable.

    I am writing you this e-mail, because I will be in Australia for vacation from the 24 of january to 10th of february.I would like to know if there is any course available in Permaculture that I could take while I am there.I am a beginner but I bought some videos to start studying to know a little better.I am sure that PERMACULTURE is what this poor people need to help themselves and their families.I would love to train our people over there these techniques.

    Also if any of you have the heart and any interest in volunteering in our projects in Africa that is situated in Uganda, Kenya and Zambia, be free to ask me questions and contact me.I would love to show you and talk more about what we do and what we want to accomplish.

    Thank you for your attention.

  3. We’ve found facebook a great place to network with permaculture people worldwide -Permaculture India is prominent, and so is the Permaculture Association in the UK. We joined the UK Association. It is a great resource.

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