Seed saver groups provide a valuable community and local seed bank. They are organised in a bioregional fashion, with local groups across Melbourne.

Fiona Fulton explains further that “the role of Melbourne East Seed Savers is to help conserve the genetic diversity of our plants species, especially open-pollinated food varieties, by maintaining a “seed bank” that is a stock of local seed varieties. This seed bank may not be a literal collection of seeds, but the living collection of seed grown, harvested and regrown by members. Being a locally based organization, we distribute and exchange seeds and plant materials which are best suited to and have adapted to the local biosphere.” Seed savers also provide community education and networking.


Heide Heritage Kitchen Garden

Heide Heritage Kitchen Garden

Danae Jeanes, gardener at Heide Heritage Kitchen Garden, explained that “John and Sunday Reid had 16 and a half acres and they wanted to be self sufficient. It was their dream.”

With their nut and fruit trees still available for harvest today, and some of the kitchen garden varieties descended from the plantings of John and Sunday Reid, “what they initiated on their property was for local artists to come and live with them. John and Sunday would help then with organising exhibitions and funding them as artists and the artists would work in the garden… We try to continue to grow vegies and we keep harvesting the fruit.”

The Diggers Heritage Farm, although 30 years old this year, offers a longer heritage in the genes of the plants grown. Clize Blazey explains that “this is gardener’s inheritance – each variety has a story.” However, he also spoke of very little plant breeding in Australia, with a lot of heritage varieties coming from the US.



  1. Hello Every one,

    My name is Audrey, I am so thrilled to find this site, my son introduced me to this absolutely fantastic community and as much as i am new with the food seeds idea I am not new at the flowers seeds. You see for me I get this sweet tickle in my soul when I am in my garden. Knowing that people from all over the world is waking up to the understanding that growing, harvesting, and eating from our own garden is the healthier way, but most important and fascinating is that my brothers and sisters all over the world realized what a precious thing our elders left for us, THE SEEDS FROM THE ORIGINAL FOOD SOURCE IS THE BEST.

    I want to thank you all for catching the vision and sharing it us, I too want to be a part of this brilliant group. Please email me at (a_black_feather@hotmail.com) , truly I love you all FOR THE GREAT JOB your doing, I would love to visit New Guinea and all the other island and countries mentioned in your program. I am readying my farm on 2 acres in Jamaica West Indies which is also a part of my son’s 11 acres so it’s 13 acres in total, it will most definitely be organic farming so finding you right now is just awesome.
    I will welcome any suggestions you have that will help me become a successful seed saver as you all are so I too can share and enlighten others. Again I thank you all.

    Best Regards
    Audrey Louise.

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